Affordable & Professional Tax Preparation

Hire Puget Sound Accounting Services for tax preparation assistance in Everett, WA.

Get your taxes done right the first time! With Puget Sound Accounting Services LLC , we are one of the best, well respected tax preparation service that works hard to find your deductions and maximizing your tax return. With decades of tax preparation experience, we know the tax industry and provide comprehensive tax preparation services for our clients. We'll file your taxes so you don't have to worry about issues with the IRS. Preparing your tax returns can be a confusing, messy process. No matter how complicated your taxes may be, we'll sort them out and file them on time. We can prepare your tax returns, W2's and itemized returns.

We will ensure that your taxes are correctly calculated to help prevent you from paying more than you need to. Here at Puget Sound Accounting Services, we want to reduce your tax prep obligations. Therefore, we offer tax preparation for individuals and businesses.

We can help you avoid:


  • Filing status errors
  • Deduction errors
  • Missed deadlines
  • Data entry errors
  • Electronic PIN errors







Take advantage of tax preparation by hiring us, Puget Sound Accounting Services to take care of you and/or your business today! Call Puget Sound Accounting Services today at 425-405-3040 to learn more about how we can save you money on taxes. We service Everett, WA and the surrounding areas. We also provide services for out-of-state residents.


Professional Tax Preparer For Your Business?

When it comes to filing taxes for you business, there is no room for errors. With so many possibilities to over look simple tax deductions and additional credits, you could potentially miss out on rightfully earned money or end up costing your business more money. Don't stress with trying to file your business' taxes. Count on us, Puget Sound Accounting Services, to handle all of your tax preparations so that your business is set up to receive the most out of it's tax return! Business owners rely on our tax preparation experience and expertise to develop a proactive tax planning procedure that uniquely matches your business. We are here ensure that your business is the maximum benefits from your taxes.

Puget Sound Accounting Services takes the stress out of filing your taxes. A professional tax preparer can:

  • Save you money by finding deductions and credits
  • Help you avoid tax filing mistakes
  • Represent you in an audit
  • Save you time

Schedule tax preparation services by calling 425-405-3040 right away. We can walk you through every step of the tax preparation process.